Spring and the changes!

Spring 2019 is upon us (well, we hope so!) And when we say spring, we also say change! Whether it’s a new hairstyle, new shoes or a new decor, a breath of fresh air is needed!

Before changing everything, let’s take a look at 5 trends to adopt in 2019 !.

We add color

Oh yes! Add warmth to the interior with the terracotta color palette! A color that remains inspired by nature and that will add a lot to your current decor. It can be integrated with a cushion, a flowerpot or a pretty rug.


A trend that is coming back! Terrazzo is a material that we thought we would forget, but in 2019 it will be possible to find small and large quantities in the spring decor. Indeed, it can be found as much on notebooks as on vases and even as a wall or floor covering.

LIVING CORAL Pantone Color of the Year

We’re talking about a breath of fresh air, but this color will certainly add a dose of warmth to any room! This orange color with pink reflections will be available in several areas (fashion, beauty and advertising) and will certainly be omnipresent in decorative accessories and designer furniture. It is possible to add some accents or make a grand effect by adding color to the walls of your room. Note that this color pairs wonderfully with the terracotta trend mentioned above.

The 70s revisited!

The curves, textures and colors of the 70s will be exploited to the full this year. We have seen this trend appear for some time now, but it is setting in comfortably in harmony with the orange and green color trends! While the movement is being revisited in order to fit into 2019, however, the influences of that time are clearly felt by the appearance of curves and teak wood.

Velvet and its sweets!

We love the richness of this texture, available in a multitude of strong colors, it envelops us and transports us to settings inspired by royalty! Mixed with black and gold, this trend will amaze the most demanding of you! WE love!