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Interior design 1

This Canadian house has seen all of its spaces be reworked. The exterior, as described in the landscaping section, the kitchen, the open area as well as the main bathroom upstairs. Some walls had to be dismantled in order to provide airy and friendly living spaces. This intervention also made it possible to enlarge the kitchen, to install an island of considerable size with the oven in the center and the hood which is hidden inside the module in order to obtain a completely unobstructed height. It was also essential to provide storage, for the pantry, it frames the small corner for the coffee maker which recalls the beams and woodwork by its color. The glazed section also makes it possible to energize classic shaker doors. The apron sink also adds a touch of "modern farmhouse" style as does the choice of decorative champagne-colored hardware. The final touch was provided by the lightings of Quebec designer Tungstène which allow an amalgamation with the choice of floors and the whole kitchen.

The dining room and living room areas were already designed by the location of the original fireplace, which could be upgraded by a craftsman. Timeless furniture and light window coverings have made these spaces enveloping and friendly, as has the addition of the lighting which completes the dining room with its stature and simple shapes.

The main bathroom was a happy challenge for us, the unhooked corners, the sense of the floor structure and the few options of completely clear walls led us to think about the layout to meet the needs of the customers. The vanity has first been designed to be primarily functional, the drawers store the items needed for the routine and the off-center sink allows clearance from the counter for functional purposes. The wall-mounted faucet, the furniture on legs and the paneling manage to lighten everything. The marble-effect ceramic shower in the attic corner is discreet and inviting with the checkered glass panel which once again accentuates the 'modern farmhouse' look, put a eucalyptus tree in it and you will be at the spa. A small dressing area has been designed so that the bathroom is functional for all members of the family. The original bath has been retained for its aesthetic value and its harmony with the overall design.