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Interior design 2

This high-end kitchen is part of an expansion project carried out by an external architect. The intention was to arrange the heart of the house to accommodate a blended family with 6 children. The central island has been designed to provide an important work plan for epicureans and to have everything you need to hand. Customers also wanted to have open storage which was offered at the end of the kitchen and on the left side of the car wash. The fridge and pantry have been carefully placed so that they cannot be seen as soon as you enter the living area. In the dining room a glass cabinet, base and wheel has been proposed to receive some bottle of spirits as well as decorative elements. As for the large sideboard on the other side, it will be used to re-engage the necessary items for the dining room, including tablecloth, crockery, glassware and more. The chosen style was meant to be truly timeless with a classic chic touch. It is with this in mind that the marble backsplash and the contrast of black and white were chosen.