The must-see MADE IN QUÉBEC stores for incredible decor!

Certainly, big box stores that provide beautiful, affordable decor to us are really fun. BUT going to look for darling pieces in small shops that promote Quebec trade is BEN BEN better! So here is the list of places to go snooping around to find a decorative favorite to make you smile when you relax at home.

Boutique Rose Bonbon

A boutique that was born in Saguenay and that has now proven its worth in Quebec and above all, online! When you visit one of the two shops you find yourself immersed in such inspiring Pinterest decor, so it’s perfect to fall for a pretty macrame, a blush pink vase with eucalyptus branches or even a GIANT linen pouf who will become the star of your new salon!

You can follow the store on Instagram for inspiration before you even go!

Roseville store

In the heart of rue St-Paul, very close to Old Quebec, a pretty facade in red clad in red stands out, this is the Roseville store! A boutique that embodies charm, femininity and gentleness. Roseville is like a little Ali Baba cave where every little treasure has been carefully selected. You will find an assortment of judicious and so cute decorative products! Impossible not to want to buy everything !!

You can watch everything here!


Located on St-Laurent Street in Montreal, the VdeV boutique brings a unique and warm breeze to your decor. Each piece of furniture, object and accessory found in the store has been carefully selected to harmoniously fit into the vintage and industrial style signed VdeV.

You want to find yourself in a decor that mixes texture and material, that brings warmth and comfort, this is the place! To fall in love with Frida Kahlo’s cushion or to find the centerpiece of your living room, cross the bridges it’s worth it!

Before you put $ 5 in the parking meter, you can shop right here!

Shop M

The Little House on the Prairie has arrived in 2019! Do you like the old-fashioned side of decorative objects? Do you like wood, worked metal and rattan? A quick trip to Longueuil is in order. Boutique M near rue st Charles invites you to bring home new souvenirs. Whether setting up a table to entertain special people, adding ambiance with a new fragrance or finding a throw to warm you up, the Vieux-Longueuil art de vivre boutique has what you need.

You can go see their insta to follow trends and create needs!
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Art of Living Shop

Do you dream of a house that seems to come straight out of a coastal village? See you in Magog to find everything! From Laura Ashley tableware, aged wooden clocks or even faux lanterns, there is everything to make you feel like you’re on vacation even at home! They even have a bedding inventory so that the relaxing feeling of the sea helps you fall into the arms of Morphea!

Let yourself be rocked by the wave of envy and go see their site and their Instagram !!
@boutiqueartdevivre https://boutiqueartdevivre .com/